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By choosing to go with Delta Industries Inc., you instantly become one of the many happy customers that needed a compressed air system, or service. Delta Industries Inc. is a proud distributor of Paxton Air Knife systems in Illinois and Iowa. 

For over 50 years, Paxton has been one of the leaders in the air delivery industry for drying and blow off technology. Additionally, Paxton products guarantee to achieve performance that meets customer specifications.

Why choose Paxton?

Custom Approach

Paxton’s systems are custom engineered to fit customer needs, no matter the application. With this in mind, the process begins by answering the following questions, thus optimizing the drying and blow off application of your products:

  • What is the size of the product?
  • What is the shape of the product?
  • How much debris or water needs to be removed?
  • At what speed will the product travel?
  • What configuration will the product(s) be in?

This custom approach is used to create a system to meet a customer’s needs, thus reducing operational costs and optimizing performance.

Product Options

Perfect for drying containers such as jars or cans, prior to moving packaging operations. Six nozzles, in sets of 2, dry top or bottom of the products. Inline manifolds are available in 304 stainless steel or polypropylene.

  • Polyethylene and Stainless Steel options
  • 30 inches long x 3 inch OD
  • 6 in-line nozzles, in sets of two
    • Loc-Line design
    • 3.5 inches long
    • .5 inch ID

Used for applications that have a greater distance between air source and product, than usual. As well as, applications that need a critical delivery of air at a distance of at 5 inches or more (130 mm). Nozzle manifolds guarantee performance as far as 18 inches (450 mm).

The nozzle system is great for conveyors that move items of different sizes and shapes. Additionally, products that have multi-faceted surfaces, nooks, as well as crannies or holes.

Pressure (inches of water)CFM, per nozzle

The Uno nozzle replaces a compressed air nozzle, which is perfect for targeted airflow for a small target. Additionally, this concentrated design reduces compressed air usage and thus maximizes savings.

  • Used to replace compressed air nozzle
  • 2 inch OD inlet
  • .5 inch ID outlet
  • Loc-Line
  • 304SS design with Acetal Copolymer Nozzle

This system is considered as the most effective drying option for drying tops, tops, sides and under rims of jars, bottles, and cans. Consequently, preventing corrosion and bacteria from developing under the lids.

Furthermore, the system is a combination of “spider-like” arms with inline nozzles that  flex to any desired position, thus accommodating any specific drying need. As a result, the flexibility of the Spyder Manifold allows the customer to adjust the arms to different shapes and sizes, as well as multi-purpose lines.

  • Available in Polyethylene and Stainless Steel
  • Nozzles
    • Loc-Line design
    • .5 inch ID
    • Flare tips

Paxton Air Knives provide maximum efficiency of high velocity air drying and blower applications. Furthermore, consistent air coverage over the intended area with a standard gap of 0.055 inches. Additionally, the air knife system is available in aluminum or 304 stainless steel options.

Pressure (inches of water)CFM
paxton air knife

The CapDryer systems focus on the neck and lid of most bottle types and sizes, thoroughly drying the cap and throat within an 18-30” footprint.

  • Reduce false readings from vision systems
  • Improved adhesion and positioning of label and tamper band
  • Eliminate coding quality issues due to smearing
  • Easily adjustable for varying bottle sizes

The Air Halo is perfect for irregularly shaped objects that require an all-around drying on a conveyor-type system. To accomplish this task, the Air Halo wraps and attaches to the conveyor with powerful nozzles, thus allowing for a 360 degree drying application.

  • 360 degree drying
  • Ideal for large, irregular surface items such as beer kegs
  • Thrust up to 18 inches away from target
  • Custom designed based on product size and conveyor size
  • Powerful 3 inch air manifold
  • 0.5 inch ID nozzles
  • Coupled with AT-series blowers to give high efficiency and low energy usage
Pressure (inches of water)CFM, per nozzle

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